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KwangDong boasts world-class technology and competitive edge in FRP ship building, e.g. local government vessels, pilot boats, fisheries guidance boats, and domestic/foreign passenger ships.
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Government Vessels

Customs surveillance ship
Client : Korea Customs Service
Tonnage : 30TON
Length : 22.08M
Breadth : 4.90M
Depth : 2.15M
M/Engine : 1000BHP X 2SETS
Speed : 33.4KNOTS
Person : 6p
  • Customs surveillance ship
  • Marine research vessel
  • Fire rescue boats
  • Water conservation ship
  • Fisheries guidance boats
  • Conservation boats

The company builds and operates top local government vessels, such as fishing inspection boats, guard boats of the Marine Fisheries Agency, high-speed lifeboats and custom guard ships.